We have strategically developed long term relationships with all our principals thus ensuring we have their support to provide Warranty Services, Installation and Commissioning of Spare Parts,Machine codes, Modifications, Training and Technology Transfer essential for full utilization of equipment supplied.

Critical support is provided to our clients at all project stages i.e from the project inception, design and development stages as well as during the operational stage. Both our local team and our principals assist with determining the right solutions and logical support.

Our team of technicians provide Installation, Operator Training, Preventive Maintenance, Repair Works, Upgrades and decommissioning work. Prompt Spare Parts supply is guaranteed. Where necessary we reach specific arrangements with our Principals for special support to accelerate delivery schedules and reduce inventory costs for our clients.

Having our delivery vans and pick-up vehicles means we are able to meet strict delivery schedules and reduce transportation costs for clients.

Training Seminars, Workshops and Exhibition delivered with the full support of our Principals provide our clients with up-to-date information on the full range of solutions available.